Types Of Sunrooms

If you want to renovate your home or change its appearance, why not add a sunroom. The sunroom forms a transition between indoor and outdoor space and allows you to enjoy nature without some of the less pleasant aspects of nature.

A tanning bed allows you to enjoy natural light or admire the garden, even when it rains outside. There are so many advantages to adding a sunroom in Seattle to your home; and therefore, you should seriously consider this.

However, given the different types of sunrooms that you can install, the choice can be overwhelming. Of course, you can always consult with developers in Seattle, but it is also useful to have some knowledge so that you can be sure that the builders are giving you the right advice. Here are some of the common types of sunrooms that you can choose:

Three-season Sunrooms

This type of tanning bed is made during three seasons, namely spring, summer and autumn. It is not designed for cold climates, as it uses single-chamber glass and therefore is not insulated or energy efficient. However, it is the right choice for houses in Seattle, where summers are long, comfortable and dry and winters are short, cold, wet and cloudy, and do not require extensive heating of the living space.

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Four Seasons Sunrooms

As the name implies, this type of sunroom is designed for all four seasons; and therefore you can use it all year round with relative ease. The solarium is built with energy-saving windows that minimize heat loss during cold months. You should isolate the sunroom as a normal room so you can heat and cool it down. However, energy-saving glass panels guarantee no loss of heated or cooled air, so you can use it all year round regardless of the outdoor weather.


The solarium is the best choice, where you enjoy almost 260 days of sunshine. Here the roof and walls are made entirely of glass, allowing you to enjoy the sunlight without overheating. It is reasonable to realize that the home builder will charge you more for building a solarium, but if you are looking for a sunroom from LGL with a diving effect, it is the ideal choice. In summer, when temperatures rise, you can keep the space cool by installing ceiling curtains.